Random news 2015 2016

ManagerV6 (через пару недель)
PCI: UX soon
VDS Cloud — max 256 IP
Testing Arista 7060CX-32 32x100G with Cavium ARMv8 1x40G
4x generatos CAT 1.4MVA (soon 2 new one)
VPS 2016
Public Cloud
You can now order your VPS in Canada
Изменения в панели OVH
The SBG 3.0 vrack infrastructure is ready
The GRA 3.0 vrack infrastructure is ready
Dedicated Cloud 2014 et 2016
На VPS SSD за 2,99€ появилась возможность бекапа
NSX on vSphere 6.0 DedicatedCloud soon
Our router vR with VPN service: 24.5Gbps 4.3Mpps
Tested. Certified. Trusted.
ManagerV6.1 soon
OVH becomes an OpenStack “Infrastructure Donor”
MySQL as services
Big HG
Подборка различных фото
Web Kimsufi
A new year's message from OVH CTO and Founder, Octave Klaba

2016 Product Roadmap
POP Chicago,IL. We upgrade to ASR9K (3.2Tbps)
new KS BETA ?
Intel I7-6700K 4.7GHz
BHS4, Room C & D, 54 racks impacted
What happened at OVH in March? (1/2)
Univers Cloud: toutes les nouveautés du mois de mars
30% скидка
We are renaming our Public Cloud EG instances
Our vR is ready
Dedicated Server Game: CPU Perf
PaaS Logs
Новая линейка EG Cloud и 30 ГБ озу
Changelog Panel OVH
Public Cloud with the 1xSSD
RAM disk on an OVH dedicated
Free SSL to OVH very very soon. Stay tuned!!
Our module «SATA2IP» is ready
IPLB Quick-Start guide
Univers Cloud: toutes les nouveautés du mois de mai
Public Cloud with Windows
SATA2IP 145MB-sec with HDD 2TB HGST
i5 — 16 озу — 2 ТБ — по 900р/мес
New Order API
Public Cloud pour toute instance#RAM
50% на устаревшие модели
Alpha GPU: GTX 1080 with the watercooling
Flash sale 2
Web Hosting Multisites Plesk
180W waterblock replacement
juillet 2016
Flash Sale OVH
OVH Cloud produktų naujienos
August news in details
DBaaS Time Series: OVH storage team use case
5 tips for your business
Be prepared for Black Friday!
Cyber Monday: 4 new offers
RunAbove Innovation zone — Dedicated Server labs closing
180W waterblock replacement
OVH Dedicated server prices to go up by 20% new and existing customers
Flash Sale Atom
Первый ДЦ в Германии будет в Лимбурге
New MG dedicated servers
SoYouStart Boxing Day

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