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Планы на 2015


Innovation at the heart of So you Start
Through So you Start’s “Innovation Zone”, OVH brings cutting edge technologies to the market: hardware, network, Big Data, virtualization, etc., new features are never missing making So you Start the laboratory of OVH. 2015 will see the appearance of Zerto and object storage, along with the end of the beta phase for the Game range of servers. Zerto will permit the implementation of a disaster recovery plan (DRP) by constantly synchronizing its VMs via a high speed connection. This will allow the start of a second infrastructure in a single click while maintaining the network configuration. Object storage, a storage solution that is both economic and scalable, is intended for companies wishing to store static files on a large scale in the Dedicated Cloud.

RunAbove, Extreme High Performance and Innovative Public Cloud
Launched in 2104, RunAbove is a high performance public cloud offer that is scalable and flexible, ideal for developers, testing applications or creating an overflow infrastructure. With the new IBM POWER8 generation of processor, which is in beta, RunAbove guarantees exceptional performance. Data is replicated across 3 different data centers and customers only pay for storage and bandwidth used. RunAbove Labs permit the testing of the latest functions and cutting edge hardware. Next year, new projects will include Docker and PaaS, and features such as floating IP and a new customer control panel.

vRack: Constant Evolution of the Network
To respond to the growing needs of enterprises in terms of deploying hybrid architectures, combining different types of resources — whether physical, virtual, external or internal — OVH.com launched the vRack in the month of June. This solution permits worldwide interconnects of all machines included in an infrastructure. In April, this solution was recognized in Germany with the “2014 Prize of IT Innovation" given by Mittelstand. Planned for 2015 is the generalization of vRack 2.0 which will permit the deployment of up to 4000 VLANs. New options will be added to this solution, such as IP load balancing. Taking the mastery of its network further, OVH will design its own router, which will offer many opportunities, especially anti-DDoS protection at level 7 and also a new CDN.

Certifications: Heading Towards PCI DSS
In January, a new step was taken by OVH in the security of its dedicated cloud. This is when Dedicated Cloud obtained SOC 1 type I and SOC 2 type I (SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402) certifications for 3 data centers in France and 1 in Canada. These internationally recognized certificates guarantee the implementation and compliance of the procedures and controls put in place, enabling the provider to ensure secure dedicated cloud service and high availability. To close out 2014, the group obtained certification related to PCI-DSS for its online payment system. In 2015, OVH will continue to work toward new standards for Dedicated Cloud, such as SOC 1 and 2 Type II and SOC 3 and PCI DSS.

Preparation for Season 2 of the World Tour
Wishing to strengthen its ties to its community of customers and partners, the company set out on its first World Tour. A word tour of OVH experts that spanned 17 cities in Europe and North America. One on one sessions, conferences, workshops, and round tables were some of the many possibilities available to discuss business issues, take advantage of experience and build special relationships. OVH is planning more than 240 events in 50 cities for 2015. In addition to the OVH Summit in Paris and 52 OVH World Tour dates, the infrastructure specialist will organize OVH Academies and participate in a number of “meetups” in Europe and North America.

North American datacentre (BHS)


До 1 декабря 2014 — все сервера в BHS — без платы за установку.
Это те, которые с бесплатной windows, с бесплатной cpanel и прочими плюшками. Так же плата за активацию IP — одноразовая.

Как заводить аккаунт на ovh.ie написано тут. У них там сейчас разные версии биллингов на филиалах, если для личного пользования планируете то не важно, если держать по 10 серверов на 1 аккаунт, то делайте через .ie

Как быстро купить серверы через меня ?

Написать мне личное сообщение ruovh.ru/talk/
Далее я закажу. Могу принять webmoney/qiwi/yandex/paypal.
Либо сразу скину ссылку для оплаты, вы можете потом вообще меня по продлениям не тревожить, просто по ссылке продлевать самим ;)

На VDS-ках стало можно менять название заказов

Раньше было нельзя, только технический поддомен был. И когда там забивалось десятками заказы, не понятно было где какой IP например.
Особенно если ты не составлял таблиц с техническими поддоменами. А когда у тебя десятки аккаунтов, то вообще хуй было найти.

Теперь можно самому ставить пометки нужные. И делать поиск. Респект.

Только вот, после обновления стали сбиваться даты.

Но в OVH услуга не отключается 1-2 дня после просрочки, так что не страшно.
Будем следить за развитием ситуации, надеюсь убожественной путаницы дат, через пол года не будет, как в убогом Технодоме.